Golden Triangle

A powerful economic engine for Nebraska


Nebraska is better situated in terms of corn, livestock and ethanol than any other state in the nation.

Together, these three components form “Nebraska’s Golden Triangle,” which serves as a powerful economic engine for our state.

 Nebraska is the third-largest producer of corn in the country, second in ethanol production and distillers grains (the feed ingredient produced by ethanol plants), second in cow-calf production and first in cattle on feed. It’s also an important location for the production of renewable corn-based polymers (bioplastics).

This means corn farmers have solid markets for corn – ethanol and livestock – while the two dozen ethanol plants across state then provide renewable fuel and a feed ingredient for the livestock industry.

This gives cattle feeders in Nebraska more feed options and an advantage over feeders in other states. The cattle sector then provides high-quality, corn-fed beef to people across town, throughout the country and around the world.

In essence, Nebraska’s Golden Triangle is a perfect way to add value to corn – via a renewable biofuel, distillers grains and meat production – all within Nebraska’s borders, providing an incredible economic engine for the state.

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