Which field is right for you?

Test Your Knowledge

Take this pop quiz to find out how much you know about the wide variety of ag-related careers in our state.

1 in ______ Nebraska jobs is rooted in agriculture.

True or False:

Agronomy, biotechnology, engineering and food science are all career disciplines that can be connected with agriculture.

True or False:

Agriculture is the No. 2 industry in Nebraska, followed by finance and insurance.

Which of the following careers CANNOT be connected with agriculture?

a. Accounting.
b. Veterinary science.
c. Biochemical engineering.
d. Journalism.
e. None of the above.

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CornsTalk is a newsletter produced by the Nebraska Corn Board that covers important subjects and provides regular updates on various programs of interest to consumers, corn growers and others. Browse online articles and previous editions of the full newsletter below!

Growing Season

Agriculture is farming and ranching — and it’s also more. Modern agriculture demands smart workers and deep thinkers to fill roles as research scientists, agronomists, veterinarians, sales specialists, communicators, finance experts, information technologists, mechanics and more.

Facts, Not Fear

A Q&A with CommonGround volunteers about farming and food.


“Farm-to-table” – or “farm-to-fork” – is a growing social movement that promotes serving locally grown food in restaurants and school cafeterias. But it’s not just about proximity. The movement is also driven by an emphasis on food safety, freshness and traceability – or the ability to track where your food came from.


The ag industry is not only taking action to achieve global sustainability – it is experiencing measurable results. Every year Nebraska corn farmers are growing more with less – less water, fewer chemicals, smaller plots of land and a lower impact on the environment.




False. Agriculture and food manufacturing make up the No. 1 industry in Nebraska (followed by finance and insurance).

e. None of the above

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CornsTalk is a newsletter produced by the Nebraska Corn Board that covers important subjects and provides regular updates on various programs of interest to corn growers and others.

Kristi Boswell

Agricultural Policy Counsel, Alston & Bird LLP

Kristi Boswell grew up on a Nebraska farm and carried her passions for agriculture, volunteerism and mentorship all the way to the White House. That’s where she served as a senior official advocating for U.S. farmers and ranchers.

Today, Kristi serves as agricultural policy counsel at a leading national and international law firm. Her position often places her in front of Congress and the executive branch, advocating for the ag sector as laws and regulations are shaped.

Kristi’s Advice for You:

Maximize every opportunity, take risks and never be afraid to ask for help. I am living proof that your childhood dreams can come true and you can make a difference in an industry you love.

(Also – I’m always here to help!)

Vishal Singh

Founder, Quantified Ag

Vishal grew up constantly tinkering with mechanical and electronic devices. As he got older, his interest in art and creativity intensified. In college at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, he worked in agriculture technology and spent a lot of time with drones. He became interested in using drones to detect illnesses in animals. Through intensive research, his idea evolved into developing sensor technology and data analytics to track and manage livestock health.

Vishal founded Quantified Ag and developed a groundbreaking new ear tag that has been described as a “FitBit for cows” — monitoring livestock health and detecting illness faster than ever before.

Vishal’s Advice for You:

You don’t need an ag background to develop solutions for agriculture. In fact, not having much ag experience means you can bring a fresh perspective to the challenges faced by this industry — which leads to interesting, new solutions to old problems!

Kristin Petersen

Advertising Coordinator, Central Valley Ag

Kristin Petersen always hoped she would be able to raise her family in a small community, but she wasn’t sure if rural Nebraska housed the right career opportunities to pursue her passion for creativity and graphic design.

Today, Kristin is living her dream as an advertising coordinator for Central Valley Ag — an agriculture cooperative where she works with a team to design creative campaigns educating youth and adults about the company’s services.

Kristin’s Advice for You:

Don’t limit yourself. Never be afraid to pursue your passion just because you don’t think it will fit in with the rest of the lifestyle you desire.

Christin Kamm

Communications Director, Nebraska Department of Agriculture

As a second grader, Christin Kamm dreamed of being a commercial airline pilot. Her focus shifted toward journalism and agriculture when she joined FFA in high school. 

Perhaps this pivotal experience is what fuels her present-day passion for youth outreach. 

In addition to her work in government, Christin serves as an advisor to student programs such as the Nebraska Agriculture Youth Council (NAYC) and the annual Nebraska Agriculture Youth Institute (NAYI).

Christin’s Advice for You:

“Shadow and intern for as many different jobs as you can. The more experience you have, the easier it will be to find what really excites you about a future career path.”