Grass vs. Grain-Fed

The difference between grass and grain-fed beef boils down to what the animals eat. For at least part of their lives, all cattle on our ranch eat grass. When cattle enter the “finishing” phase of their lives is when that can change. “Grass-finished” cattle are fed grass products, such as hay.

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Antibiotics & Hormones

All of us want to ensure the food we’re feeding our families is safe to eat. Occasionally, food labels increase confusion about the safety of substances such as added hormones and antibiotics.

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Food Labels

It is important to remember that food labels can be true, but misleading. The overall goal of companies applying food labels isn’t to educate you — it’s to increase sales of a product.

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Food Safety

The truth is, more is being done than you might think to ensure the answer to that question is always yes. Karol Swan, from York, Nebraska, with a background in meat grading and certification and Deb Lundeen, a registered dietician and farmer from Minden, Nebraska, answer our many questions about food labels, genetic technology and celebrating choice.

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Farm-to-Table Explained

As our nation’s urban areas grow, consumers in the grocery store are increasingly separated from the producers who grow the meat, fruit and vegetables they buy there.

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