Celebrating Food Choice


Q: Why should we celebrate food choice?

Deb: Never in history has there been so many choices available to us as consumers! All the different fruits and vegetables, ethnic foods and convenience foods make food shopping exciting. Americans can find foods that fit our nutritional and production preferences.

Deb Lundeen, Minden, Neb.

Producers feed the same foods to their families as other consumers do. Celebrate the fact that our food supply is abundant and safe. Don’t fear your food!

Deb Lundeen
Minden, Neb.

Q: Is “organic” food better?

Deb: Organic production methods do not use naturally occuring additives. Labeling food “organic” requires more intensive and costly certification. The main benefit is, if consumers prefer food grown in this manner, they have the power to make that choice here in the U.S.!

Q: Why is organic food more expensive?

Deb: Organic food products can cost more due to the certifications they must pass and the labor intensiveness of their production methods. Organic and conventionally grown foods are all basically the same when it comes to the nutritional value.

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